About us

My name is Patrick Salmon and I am the creator/founder of Salmon&Friends. To put it simply, I started this thing because I like to make people laugh. No. Scratch that, I love to make people laugh. It's all I think about... it's all I've ever thought about. When I was a little kid, I remember staying awake at night trying to think of jokes, and/or ways to make kids laugh the next day at school. 
Flash forward till now.  Im a working musician and avid surfer. And this path has led me to see some amazing places and cultures in the world. Ive seen thriving communities and eco systems and unfortunately the opposite. So I decided I wanted to help in the best way I know how. 
Which brings me back to the jokes.....it's a tough blow to my ego, but I admit it, I cant make animals laugh.  So Ive combined my jokes (Mainly puns((the best kind of jokes!!!))  with some cute animals (some not so cute😅) along w/ insects, plants, veggies, you name it! (those are always cute😇)  For every product purchased, a portion of the money will go to helping that animal or ecosystem.