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Originally, I created Salmon & Friends to try and help animals, insects, plants, humans, ecosystems, and/or any environments that are dealin with some trouble. 

But its Wild times out there right now, and im trying to help out the only way I know how. Go to bottom of the page to get into my head about why I decided to launch now.  Also Check out the video  on  my facebook or IG post 

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 All design concepts by yours truly. BUTTTTTTT  all the amazing art was done by Ellie Liota check her out on Ig and Twitter @earlyworm123 Literally nailed the ideas!


"It is commonly accepted that laughter produces psychological benefits, such improving affect, depression, anxiety and stress. Nevertheless, there is growing evidence that laughter as a physical activity can additionally produce small but quantifiable physiological benefits. [...] Although there are limitations to the current medical literature on laughter, enough evidence indicates that laughter may be employed as part of our basic armamentarium to help prevent disease, reduce costs and ensure a healthier population."

Louie D, et al. The laughter prescription . Am J Lifestyle Med. 2016 Jul-Aug 10(4): 262-267